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Where to resell clothing online in Canada?

There are an unlimited number of places that you can resell clothing. There are two main places that you can resell clothing, online or offline. More specifically, you can resell online through social media, websites, or a variety of different platforms. You can sell offline locally through pop-up shops, garage sales, or at flea markets.

This blog will talk about 4 online platforms that I have used to resell clothing. There are other platforms available, depending on your country. The platforms I will be addressing are all platforms available in Canada and that I have experience selling on.


My favourite and most successful platform to resell clothing on is Poshmark. This is where It’s Flippin Thrift began! Poshmark first launched in 2011 in the United States, but has now expanded to Canada (May 2019) and Australia (2020). Poshmark started as a platform to sell Women’s pre-owned clothing, but has expanded and now has multiple marketplaces including, men’s and children’s clothing, home goods, and most recently a pet accessories section!

This platform is extremely user friendly and easy to use. You simply take some photos of the item(s) you want to sell, upload them onto the app, create a title and description, fill out the relevant fields such as type of item, brand, and size, then set the price. Once your item sells, you package the item for shipment, Poshmark emails you the shipping label, and you can drop it off at the post office.

In my opinion, a downside to Poshmark, in my opinion, is that you must constantly share your items to bump them up to the top of search results in order to be found by potential buyers. Poshmark has recently rolled out new bulk features that make this process faster and easier for sellers. Using the Poshmark Approved chrome extension, Poshmark Sidekick I am able to make this process even more efficient and share my closet in only a few clicks!

*if you would like to try Poshmark sidekick follow this link to save each month of your subscription:


The next platform that It’s Flippin Thrift expanded to was Depop. This is European based platform that also started in 2011, it is available worldwide and gives you the options to ship domestically or internationally.

Depop is also fairly easy to list on with a simple interface to add photos and a description for your items. Depop offers an international audience so you have a larger amount of potential buyers.

One main difference with Depop is that you must decide on your own shipping rates and create the labels yourself once your items sell. I personally find that in my experience, Depop has a younger and more niche market, so not all items will perform as well on this platform. Vintage, retro and trendy items tend to get the most attention and sell best on Depop.

3. eBay

EBay is probably the largest and one of the oldest reselling sites around. It is often referred to as “a beast” due to its complex nature and large customer base. While it is not as simple to list, and requires more work and maintenance initially, the results can be greater and require less work in the long term. eBay also offers paid store subscriptions and the ability to promote your listings to get more eyes on it. Ebay also offers a worldwide audience and more potential buyers often translates to more sales!

4. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is great for selling online, while remaining within your own area. You are able to sell almost anything large or small, which is convenient if an item is large and bulky and you do not want to ship it. Facebook has recently added shipping options in the US and they are slowly rolling it out in Canada as well which could be a game changer and make it a bigger player in the reseller industry.

To list on Facebook you simply snap a few pictures of your item, upload them to Marketplace, add a title and description, and set the price! Buyers then send you a message if they are interested in the item and you can arrange the payment and pickup or shipping.

What is your favourite platform to resell on? Let me know in the comments section below!

Stay tuned for more posts about other places to resell clothes as well as more thrifting and reselling tips and tricks!

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