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What is reselling?

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Reselling, as you may have gathered from its name, is the act of re-selling any item. When you google “what is reselling?” the definition is “sell (something one has bought) to someone else”. This could include games, toys, furniture, clothing, household goods, sporting goods, or virtually anything.

There are different levels of reselling or reasons that someone might resell something. There is a more casual level where you are selling off items that you no-longer have a use for with the goal to recoup some of their original value. For example, you could be moving and want to sell off some items that you don’t use anymore rather than move them to your new home or toss them in the garbage. You could be clearing out your closet to make space for an updated wardrobe and decide to sell your used clothes rather than donate them. Your children could have outgrown some old toys and games so you decided to sell them and use that money to buy them new age appropriate toys and games.

There is also more professional reselling where people will go out and purchase items for as low a cost as possible, and resell them to make a profit. This can be done as a hobby, part time, or as a full time business.

Reselling at any level has numerous benefits as it saves items from ending up in landfills, gives items a second life, and gives you the opportunity to make a little bit of extra money!

Have you resold anything? Let me know in the comments what you re-sold!

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